We make it simple for you to seamlessly incorporate clinical trials into your existing practice.

Clinical trials are key to patient survival, bringing cutting-edge research within reach, offering hope where there was none. Trials offer myriad benefits to a practice, enabling it to not only survive, but thrive and expand. Conduct Clinical Trials is dedicated to supporting accomplished physicians as investigators, allowing them to play a key role in new, revolutionary treatments.

Conduct Clinical Trials’ (CCT) unparalleled training, support and superior products enable the seamless integration of clinical trials with your existing practice. We match your expertise with the right clinical trial, executing the paperwork, protocols, and business development, that often distract from patient care. CCT makes it easy to stay focused on your patients, while giving your practice an edge, by offering a level of healthcare not typically available

CCT offers extensive access to the world of clinical trials, providing opportunity and valuable research data. Every day you can view hundreds of new trial opportunities. Beyond the chance to be a part of developing next generation medicines, you will benefit from peer recognition and gain experience from being on the forefront of cutting-edge research.  Many of our physicians love being involved in research, having “retired” from their current practice to focus solely on trial work.   Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or anxious to join their ranks and enhance your practice, we are your go-to research partner.

Powered by TrialPulse, our proprietary technology, we provide everything you need in one integrated platform.


Pipeline of Clinical Trials

Opportunities specifically matched to your interests and patient population.


Streamlined Application Process

Apply directly to clinical trials via mobile or online using our simple and easy application.


On-Demand Training for you and your staff

We offer our members the “gold standard” of industry training.


Increase Your Revenue

Add a new revenue stream to your practice… without insurance.

Real-Time Financial Reporting 365/24/7

Generate financial reports and easily track revenue.


Get New Patients

Clinical trials will bring your practice a constant flow of new patients.

Only Conduct Clinical Trials can provide Direct to Patient® access through technology.


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