Clinical Trials Fellowship®

What is The Clinical Trials Fellowship®?

The Clinical Trials Fellowship® is an intense 3-month certification program that was developed for medical professionals.

Conducting clinical research is essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of new drugs, biologics and medical devices. Following pre-clinical development, clinical trials require careful planning and cooperation among a variety of professionals within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, clinical practice, and government agencies. From phase 1 (first in humans) to phase 4 (post-marketing) and every phase in between, clinical trials professionals need specialized expertise to be successful in running clinical trials.

We’re with you every step of the way during the 3-month certification process. We promise to be there for you after you become certified.

By learning key concepts, guidelines, regulations, and best practices, participants in the Clinical Trials Fellowship program gain the skills needed to become part of an active clinical research workforce.


Course Format

Training is 100% online. With weekly “office hours” with top industry experts.


Our Mission

To bring clinical trials and life-changing medicine to the 97% of patients and physicians that do not have access to them.

Today over 800 Physicians trust and partner with us. We want to be your strategic partner so that physicians and patients around the globe have access to clinical trials.

“At Conduct Clinical Trials, We Believe Clinical Trials Are… Good for Doctors. Good for Patients. Good for Society.”

Michelle Alex, DPM

Only Conduct Clinical Trials can provide Direct to Patient® access through technology.


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